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Regular maintenance will greatly extend the life of your canvas and boat windows.

30 and 40 Gauge Clear Vinyl Windows

Clear vinyl (aka "isenglass") has a smooth highly polished surface that can be easily scratched and marred if mishandled during normal use or cleaning.

Vinyl windows should be cleaned regularly.  Be sure to hose or blow off loose dirt particles from the surface and then use either plain water or a mild soap and water solution.  Apply with a soft cloth or tissue to gently clean window.  Never use harsh brushes or abrasives when cleaning vinyl windows.

The effect of sunlight combined with environmental pollution may sometimes alter the chemical structure of your vinyl window, resulting in discoloration and brittleness.  To maintain the clarity and extend the life of your vinyl windows, it is recommended that you regularly use cleaners and polishes made for clear vinyl.

Do handle your windows with care.
Do use a soft cloth or tissue when cleaning.
Do flush with lots of water when cleaning.
Do clean regularly with mild natural soaps or mild detergents.

Do not use harsh detergents or strong chemicals.
Do not use products containing silicones or alcohol.
Do not rub vinyl windows when dry, they will scratch.
Do not use brushes or abrasives when cleaning.
Do not store windows dirty or you may get scratches.
Do not store windows when wet, you may get mildew.


POLYWINDOW marine enclosures

Polycarbonate is a shatter proof type of plastic which has many uses including eyeglasses, aircraft windows and bulletproof windows.

Wash POLYWINDOW marine enclosure panels with lukewarm water containing a neutral detergent using a soft sponge, a wool cloth or a chamois.  Rinse with water.

POLYWINDOW marine enclosures are more scratch resistant then regular clear vinyl windows, but like all forms of plastic they too can be scratched.  Never use razor blades, scrapers, squeegees, brushes etc.



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